Functionality and System Requirement

Illegal View Functionality Listing (Professional Version)

Functionality Outline
Recording  Monitoring screen recording record data on monitoring screen once PC is logged in.
Multi monitor recording record data  on multiple monitor screens designated
Remote desktop recording Record monitoring screen of remote desk top (terminal service) session
Offline recording Record data on monitoring screen of corresponding terminals even when the network becomes off
Recording interval recording interval is adjustable from 1 sec. to 9999 sec.
Screen color Selectable from monochrome, 16 colors, 256 colors, high color (16 bits) to true color (24 bits)
Screen saver  selectable to record screen saver session or non-record of screen saver session
Playback selectable from playback,reverse playback,to 6 speed playback and resolution is up to PC
Text Record all text on the monitoring screen
Command record command prompt excution 
Key board Record key stroke on desktop
Mouse Record mouse clicks on desktop
Application Record start and end of applications 
File access Record files accesse by users, applications and O/S
Status Record computer status such as log-in, log-out,shut down
Resource Record information of computer hardware, drivers, printers and applications
Real time monitor  Real time monitor Display recorded monitor session in real time (recording interval selectable from 0.5 sec to 5 sec.)
Remote real time monitor Display recorded remote desktop monitor session in real time
Retrieval Server retrieval  Retrieve history and alert data stored in Illegal View server
Alert System Detect malfunction of Illegal View server and client if any
Application Detect application start
File access Detect file access
Resource Detect change of computer resource
Keyword Detect registered text in the texts on monitoring screen
Removable drive Detect connection of removable drive
Log in Detect log in terminal and log in user
Multi-alert  set up muliple alert conditions and detect corresponding operations
Alert to administrator Display alert message on management console and  e-mail alert information to administrator
Limitation Application disable start of application, Whitelist,Blacklist setting
File access Disable file access such as open file, copy ,transfer, print
Removal drive diasble access to file and disable reading and writing
Notice Alert to administrator Display alert message on management console and  e-mail alert information to administrator
Logging log alert records
Alert to User Display warning alert message to the monitor screen of corresponding PC
Operation setting Recording Set addtional recording conditions in addition to standard setting
Lock Lock designated screen, unable to operate
Client protection Stealth Client program invisible and unstoppable by task manager/windows explore
Boot up Uninstall not allowed when the client program is in operation
Observer Booting up PC not allowed when client program is inoperative
Boot up limitation Booting up PC not allowed when Windows is booted up in safe mode
Firewall When firewall blocks connection with Illegal View server, any use of all digital assets connected to client PC is prohibited. 
Option Video export Recorded monitor data are converted into AVI format and export
Report Create original design report format

* Standard Version: Please see standard version functionality list PDF

IllegalView system requirements

Illegal View Server[**]

  • Windows 32-bits/ 64-bits operative
  • Japanese/English Windows OS operative
  • Management console software provided free( Japanese/English/Thai available)
OS Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012R2, Windows Server 2008R2
Windows 8.1[*], Windows 7[*], Windows Vista[*]
CPU Pentium4 and higher
RAM 2GByte and more recommended
HDD Up to the data storage requirement
[*] Illegal View is not server OS and so kdts is not responsible for network trouble once it is deployed operative.
[**] 64-bitOS server program requires Microsoft Access 2013 Runtime
(Windows Vista requires Microsoft Access Database Engine 2010)

Illegal View Client

  • Windows 32-bits/ 64-bits operative
  • Japanese/English Windows OS operative
OS Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7[**],
Windows Vista[*], Windows XP[*]
Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2012R2,
Windows Server 2008R2[**], Windows Server 2003[*]
CPU Pentium4 and higher recommended
RAM 1GByte and more recommended
HDD Up to data storage requirement policy
[*] Some functionality cannot use. please consult us.
[**] Windows security update program (KB3033929) is to be deployed for the use under Window 7 and Window server 2008 environment

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