What’s New

IllegaView Server ( Ver.9Mar18) and Client (Ver.3 Apr18) are now released.

We are very glad to announce the release of a new version of Illegal View Server ( Ver.9Mar18) and Client (Ver.3 Apr18).

This version reflects the most updated customers' requirements and requests to make illegal view more versatile and enhance security functions.

With this version, a new camera function is added as a standard function, with which you can record operator`s picture all the time with built in camera or USB attachable camra.  

At the same time, PCI DSS encrption version Illegal View is now released to the business entities seeking for accreditation of PCI DSS. we believe that this version will greatly help you to acquire the accreditation.

Illegal View has not only on-screen activity trail solution but also end-point solution with the functions of various security oriented functions.  We believe that it will help you to strenghten your entire IT infrustrature security. 

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