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A Company Case : IT related

Objective: Effective utilization of Amazon Web service over cloud computing. Illegal View server and Clients are deployed over Cloud computing and are able to record all on-screen data and operation data of both thin client terminals and regular terminals without fail.

B Company Case: Call Center

Objective: Quality enhancement of call center total operation skill and help desk operator work 1. To establish fair HR evaluation system for operators by eliminating biased and individualized evaluation by supervisors 2. To increase the number of operator managed by one supervisor

D Company case : Financing business related

Objective: Server Maintenance Activity Audit Company is obliged to assign monitoring person to witness and monitor the server maintenance work by third party contractor on site to ensure that the work is properly and rightfully conducted. It has incurred a lot of expense and manpower to do this monitoring.

KDTS Co.,Ltd has now released a new product SPIDER , a software specifically designed to manage privileged ID user and regular ID user activity.

SPIDER is developed only with KDTS's proprietary technology. It is a unique agentless monitoring solution for privileged ID user and regular ID user activity. SPIDER manages activity monitoring via WEB and therefore, it has a minimum network load. SPIDER can be applicable for not only Windows environment but also Linux. Furthermore, it works in thin client environment and VDI environment. SPIDER has a direct log-in control feature and it controls application for approval, approval confirmation, ID management and access management. SPIDER server automatically validates all ID data registered in high-speed whether they are rightful IDs or not. Thus, it ensures...

Illegal View server (Ver.30May17) and Client(Ver.30May17) are now released.

Illegal View Server (Ver.30May17) - Alert mail sending is in compliance with SMTP certification. Illegal View Client (Ver.30May17) - File access alert has now 4 different alert mode (Open, Close, Read, Write) and issues corresponding alert. (see note) - IE11 and Edge text recording function are now available. Note: After the release of Windows 10 anniversary update, MS has changed certification policy and thus this new file access function is limited with this version at this moment. But,this function can be fully utilized with the previous versions.