Case Studies

D Company case : Financing business related


D company is obliged to assign monitoring person to witness and monitor the server maintenance work by third party contractor on site to ensure that the work is properly and rightfully conducted. It has caused D company to bear a lot of expense and manpower to do this monitoring.
D company intends to remove monitoring person from the site and thus reduce the cost, and yet ensure prompt and accurate server maintenance work by third party contractor.

Why Illegal View is selected

  1. Illegal View meets the company security requirement as on-screen activity of maintenance work is recorded all the time. The real-time monitoring from not on site is also applicable so monitoring person is no longer required to be on site. Furthermore, if necessary, the work can be suspended and/or stopped by remote access function.
  2. Illegal View can handle 1000 units of client PCs monitoring easily.  As the next step, D company plans to assign maintenance work for clients to third party contractor.  By deploying Illegal View, D company is able to plan to do so without any fear.


  1. Monitoring person can monitor server maintenance work in real-time through Illegal View console without being present on site while performing regular works.
  2. In case any unacceptable maintenance work is detected, company can complain and claim to third party contractor for rework and/or compensation with recorded on-screen activity of maintenance work as proof. Thus, the total maintenance work hours were shortened and the maintenance cost was substantially reduced without sacrificing the quality of maintenance by third party contractor.