Case Studies

B Company Case: Call Center


  1. To establish a fair HR evalulation system for operators by eliminating biased and indivualized evaluation by supervisors
  2. To increase the number of operator managed by one supervisor
  3. To manage speedy trouble shooting of "He said, She said" trouble between a customer and an operator
  4. To establish speedy system trouble debugging procedure

Why Illegal View is selected ?

  1. Illegal View records all data of on-screen activity and operation activity and thus multiple evaluators can review all the records, ensuring fair evaluation over operators performance.
  2. Illegal View has the real-time monitor function which allows supervisor to monitor operators work from one’s own desk and thus can manage more operators performance.
  3. On-screen activity is recorded all the time by Illegal View and the system has voice record function and thus supervisor can use both record for accurate audit.
  4. In case of system trouble, Illegal View on-screen activity data can offer accurate operation record so that debugging becomes easy and efficient.


  1. Operators are happy to get fair evaluation and thus could prevent excellent operators from job hopping.
  2. Company can introduce working at home system for operators as company can support them with Illegal View remote access function.
  3. Illegal View made it easily possible to identify the source of problem if it is from operator error, customer problem, or system error.
  4. Illegal View can produce detailed audit trail so any problem solving becomes easier; whether it is a money-related trouble, customer and operator issue, or system debugging.